We work with numerous investors who purchase investment properties in Florida.  Most investors need a short term bridge loan with a 12 month balloon.  The rate and fees are typically lower on short term loans. 


We do not lend on wood framed properties or properties that have a predominate flat roof.


As most investment property purchases are unique, contact Chris Cory directly to discuss your situation. 

What should I do now?

STEP #1:  Submit a copy of the property tax record card and any pictures you may have of the subject property.  In addition, submit the proposed sales contract (if applicable).


STEP #2: Submit documentation (property tax card, water bill, etc.) that shows you currently have a primary homestead property.  We do not lend on primary properties.  We only lend on Investment properties.  Prior to closing you will have to execute a Non-Homestead Affidavit that indicates the subject property loan will not become your primary dwelling.  If you are currently in foreclosure we will not provide financing to purchase another property. 


STEP #3:  CDC Financial Corp will review the above information and contact you within 24 hours.  If acceptable, we will require a non-refundable fee (varies $150-$250) to inspect the subject property.






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